Hey, I'm Ivo and I love writing software.

My main area of expertise is development for in Kotlin and cross-platform using Flutter & Dart, complete with CI/CD using CircleCI, GitLab and Codemagic and of course .
From my bachelor's thesis and subsequent paper I gathered basic machine learning skills in using NumPy, pandas and Keras. Furthermore I've done web development with and (this page is made with Gridsome), resulting in some /TypeScript experience as well as rudimentary HTML and CSS knowledge.
I've written my share of Perl backend scripts and I'm able to learn new concepts and languages fairly quickly.

I read a lot on , and tech news to keep up to date on new technology. I'm also Co-Founder and lead mobile developer at RoadsML, a Finnish startup for crowdsourcing road condition data to improve the efficiency of the Finnish forestry industry and road maintenance.


For inquiries regarding RoadsML hit me up at my company e-mail, otherwise please use the form below.